Become a Leader and Teacher of Sacred Embodiment & Devotional Dance.

“Home is the feeling of being deeply anchored in the body”


Curating experiences and trainings to help you access and journey into the deepest parts of yourself, to unlock your own inner wisdom, freedom, sensuality & creative power.



Home is the feeling of being deeply anchored in the body.

It’s feeling safe to be who you are.

It’s freeing yourself of your mind and being able to access the ecstasy that comes from completely letting go and allowing yourself to be free and alive in your body.

THE WILDGRACE MOVEMENT™ has designed bespoke experiences & trainings for women in Tantric Movement and Embodiment Practises, Sensual Yin Yoga, Jade Egg Practises & Devotional Dance.

Bringing you home to a state of intoxicating self love.

Events & Trainings

Come along to one of our weekend immersions, where one of our expert WILDGRACE teachers will facilitate you on a gentle self connection journey, guiding you home to your inner radiance, power & pleasure potential.


 Curious about becoming a WILDGRACE Teacher?

Are you a Yoga or Dance teacher/Embodiment Facilitator or Spiritual Healer, looking to deepen your knowledge and take people on DEEPER Transformational Awakening Journeys?

Have you experienced and loved WILDGRACE and do you feel connected and inspired by the movement that we are creating?

If you have answered yes to both of these questions, you can head to the link below to find out more about our Teacher Trainings.